Corporate Social Responsibility is not simply a policy at Neelkamal, but a mandate. The firm’s active engagement with humanitarian and charitable causes is almost a defining feature of the Group since its inception.

The Neelkamal Group  influences many people’s lives by creating employment for the economically backward section. It is enshrined in the company credo to recruit at least 10% work force from the  lowest economic strata and then empower them through training and experience. The Neelkamal Group has a healthy mix of people with very different perspectives and from many cultures, working together, learning from each other and generously sharing their knowledge and ideas. It brings together professionals from diverse disciplines and with complementary skills, on a uniquely global scale.

Putting sustainability at the heart of all its projects is one of the ways in which Neelkamal exerts a positive influence on the wider world.

Investing in research and development is another: to minimize the carbon footprint in the geographies in which we operate.