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The Neelkamal Group of Companies started their operations in 1975 at Dubai as a wholesaler and retail trader in textile goods. With concerted hard work & efficient business skills, the Group expanded and by the year 1982 was already having twelve wholesale and retail outlets. The management’s vision is to build Neelkamal to be the most dependable business partner in the region through exceptional service and value addition.

In 1988, the Neelkamal Group diversified into Garment Manufacturing with the setting-up of a full fledged production facility in the U.A.E, which later on shifted to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Today, the Group has a modern, state of the art Garment Factory in the duty exempted regions – Kingdom of Bahrain, Jordan and Kenya.

The Group has a Textile Indenting Division also located at Dubai with branch operations in China & Indonesia. The Group’s rich experience in the field of Textiles trade for the last 4 decades has been thoughtfully leveraged into forming the Textile Indenting Division, which serves as a clearing house between the Textile Trade of the UAE with the various Textiles production centers of the world.

Besides the vertically integrated business activities of Textiles & Garment Manufacturing, the Neelkamal Group’s activities extend to other areas as Plastics, Uniforms, Real Estate & Hospitality, Logistics and Oil & Diesel. Today, the Group is well known not only in the UAE, but also throughout the GCC countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman and Poland & Moscow in Europe.

Apart from the Corporate Headquarters in Dubai, the Neelkamal Group has overseas offices in Bahrain, Jordan, Moscow, Poland, China & India.

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